Mar. 12-14, 2018
Annual Waco Conference
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To advance and promote all aspects of the onsite wastewater industry including installers, service providers, pumpers, manufactures, suppliers, engineers and designers, registered sanitarians, research and acdemic professionals, consultants, and governmental regulatory personnel. TOWA actively supports training efforts for everyone involved in the onsite industry. Toward this end we hold conferences and educational meetings with nationally recognized speakers and we are cooperating with and assisting the TCEQ in the development of onsite wastewater training, education and Rule changes which will benefit Texas Onsite Professionals.


TOWA also endeavours to educate local and State elected officials in order to raise their awareness of the real world problems which our members must deal with on a daily basis. Gaining the trust and cooperation of these individuals will allow Texas Onsite Professionals to prosper and at the same timeensure greater protection of the environment and public health.